Press Release: Nada Yada delivers in-store multi-touch displays to retail chain Hemtex

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Press release

Malmö, 24th March 2015

Nada Yada delivers in-store multi-touch displays to retail chain Hemtex

Swedish interactive technology company Nada Yada announced today their cooperation with retail

chain Hemtex to deliver state of the art in-store multi-touch experiences nationwide. Large format

interactive displays are making big waves in the retail industry, merging traditional in-store

experiences with online shopping.

Malmoe-based Nada Yada specializes in creating interactive marketing experiences within the

retail, corporate and exhibition segments. Using an interactive table or wall, customers can interact

with the products and get an immersive brand experience. Large format touch displays bridge the

gap between E-commerce and traditional in-store sales, a vital component for a true omni-channel

strategy. Hemtex have engaged with Nada Yada based on this realization, to better connect with

their customer base. Nada Yada have delivered the initial displays installed in Hemtex prime

location stores, which will be followed by larger roll-out during 2015 to a majority of their outlets.

Christian Johnsson, CEO Nada Yada says: ”We are very excited and proud to support Hemtex

realizing their strategy. We have the know-how and high performance products to meet the

increasing demand in these environments.”


After technology trials, Hemtex chose to base their solution on Nada Yada’s multi-touch displays

using cutting edge multi-touch technology from FlatFrog. A perfect fit to ensure high performance

touch to meet customer usability expectations combined with unprecedented optical clarity for

stunning product presentations.

Nada_Yada_Hemtex  Nada Yada Hemtex 3

Martin Richardsson, e-commerce manager at Hemtex commented: “After trialing a more basic

touch solution, we realized through our discussions and support from Nada Yada, the importance

of combining performance hardware and software to ensure a successful roll-out to reach our goal

of an immersive customer experience in our stores. Thanks to the team at Nada Yada we feel

100% confident going into this project, and we are excited to give our customers the possibility to

interact with our brand in-store in new and exciting ways.”


For more information, please contact

Nada Yada AB

Christian Johnsson, CEO

+46 707381384


Martin Richardsson, e-commerce manager

070-301 08 60

About Nada Yada AB

Nada Yada is a Malmö based consultancy company, specializing in touch and other interactive

technologies that can create new marketing experiences. The company was founded in 2008 and

all employees have thorough experience from interactive technology companies in Sweden and

internationally.

About Hemtex

Founded in 1973, Hemtex is the leading textile retail chain in the Nordic region, with more than 160

physical stores in Sweden, Finland and Estonia.


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